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If you have aspirations to climb the corporate ladder and be a successful business woman, you know you will do everything possible to make sure your mind and body are in top shape to take on the corporate big shots.

Women in high-end jobs, need to be on top of their game.  They need to be organised, productive, time efficient and disciplined in their lives.  Let’s face it, with the Australian gender pay gap at 17.5% in May 2015, women need to stay alert, strong and produce the best results to stay on top. Keep in mind there are only 10 women chairs in the top 200 ASX companies, 17.6% of women on ASX 200 boards and 42 boards in the ASX 200 that don’t even have women present.


So, how do we women make sure we’re at the top of our game and producing the best results in the most time efficient manner?  After all, there are many other preoccupations we have to deal with, whether it be family life or catching up with friends. My solution?  Exercise and a healthy lifestyle. In other words –  CrossFit and the healthy mindset that comes with it.

Here are 5 ways that doing CrossFit for women can help you keep alert and productive in your job, ready for you next pay rise:

1. CrossFit teaches you commitment, discipline and focus

CrossFit can be very challenging. The workouts can be pretty gruelling. However, they are also extremely rewarding as you see great results. Your commitment to coming 5 days a week for one hour is crucial. It teaches you that commitment and persistence leads to results. If you have the discipline and focus to work hard every session your results improve even more.

Even if you find this type of commitment hard, practice makes perfect. Once you feel your commitment, discipline and focus improving in CrossFit, you can start to take these skills and transfer them to other areas of you life –  like your job. You will reap the rewards of your dedication to your job and your increased work production due to this new found focus on getting the task at hand done. Everyone’s a winner – you, your business and your work colleagues around you.

2. CrossFit keeps you fit and healthy

If you want to succeed at anything in life, you should be healthy. Health allows you to get the most out of life – for example if you are wanting a promotion but are too tired, sick or lethargic from your lifestyle then this creates a problem for you.

You need to create the best scenario of health for yourself by living a lifestyle that will help you avoid diseases such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, hypertension, obesity and heart disease. This also helps boost your immune system and energy.

CrossFit provides a community of people who are committed to living a healthy lifestyle which you can be apart of and learn all you need to learn to help you get your health and fitness back or take your fitness and health to the next level.

3. Exercise energises and clears your mind and helps you sleep!

Whether you workout in the morning or evening, exercise is very beneficial in making sure you are productive as it gives your mind some time to clear. You’ve had a massive day at work concentrating on your computer, taking meetings and by 5pm you’re probably pretty brain dead – but your body isn’t. Reenergise for the day by working out!

Same goes for the 6amer – once you workout in the morning your mind is ready for anything you throw at it during the day! You are energised, confident and positive throughout the day creating a great way to work through all you need to during the day!

The final benefit is better sleep.  Having a tired brain but still jittery in your body can be a massive reason for sleep problems.  Once you get the physical energy your body has, out of your system, your body and mind are truly ready to get great nights sleep. This is crucial to productivity, a clear mind, and reducing those silly mistakes you can find yourself making if you’ve been up tossing and turning all night!

4. CrossFit teaches you to overcome hard times

There are some workouts in CrossFit that are just really hard. You just have to keep moving, finish the workout and just hurt the whole time. It’s this type of workout that is so character building mentally. Although tough, you can walk away knowing you are a stronger person because of it.

You can then use the experience to weather tough times at work. No matter how bad it may seem, you keep moving forward and eventually that tough time will be over!

Keep in mind there are lots of really fun workouts too!

5. CrossFit is time efficient and effective

CrossFit takes 1 hour a day. So for a busy professional woman such as yourself, you get the most out of your workout. The workouts are taken in small group classes so you get the attention you need to improve fast. The workout is a whole body workout, which is short sharp and intense.
If you love a challenge and seeing continually improvement and results, then CrossFit suits your busy lifestyle and schedule. No more pounding it out on the treadmill for hours to see little results. Ain’t no body, especially a busy woman, got time for that!
By applying these 5 gains, learnt in CrossFit, to your job you can be:

super efficient
withstand hard times

You will increase your energy and health. In a competitive corporate environment, CrossFit can teach you lessons that will help you get to the top!


Wondering how to get into CrossFit as a corporate woman?

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