A new argument for the demise of paleo has been rising. After arguments being consistently shot down by scientists about how paleo is ‘bad for you’ the anthropologists are now trying to give it a go.

This article lists a string of illogical arguments as to why the paleo diet is wrong. Lets dissect them, shall we?

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Argument 1:

People will never be able to copy paleo diet as what are ancestors ate is too different from todays food. For example strawberries as we know them are vastly different from a strawberry in caveman’s time.

I agree.

Argument 2:

Ancestral diets were vastly different depending on regions and cultures. Our ancestors would have eaten pretty much would they could get their hands on.

I agree.


Therefore, we should not worry about eating strict paleo. Why worry about a grass fed steak? Eat grains, dairy. Maybe stay away from processed foods.

I disagree.

If you haven’t noticed society is getting sicker and sicker. Heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, weak bone, cancers – the list goes on. These diseases are not seen in cave men ancestors or in modern day native populations who live very close to how these ancestors lived.

If you haven’t put a link between the fact that what you eat is making you literally sick then make that connection now. What you put in your mouth has a significant role to play in how healthy a person you are and if you will suffer from these ‘lifestyle’ diseases.

SO counter arguments:

Argument 1:

Yes the food we have is vastly different and we have engineered natural foods such as fruit and vegetables to make them more ‘appealing’ and economic for farmers (i.e. farmers want to yield the highest amount of crop per m2 of land producing that crop to get the highest returns). But the food still has a better effect on your body than processed foods and sugar and this is a well know fact.

Argument 2:

So you have different cultures and regions eating different food groups. This would be a good indication as to why different cultures and regions tolerate different foods better than others. For example, Asian cultures have mostly adverse effects to dairy.

To put a hole in this argument:

‘To be sure, avoiding soda, French fries, and other processed foods is a smart way to keep healthy. But perhaps focusing on what our ancestors ate and going with a let-them-eat-grass-fed-steak approach isn’t the best strategy.’

To deal with this quote – the reason you should eat grass fed meat, aside from trying to be sustainable and ethical about the food you eat, is because of the omega 3 to omega 6 ratio.

Usually it should be 1:3 in humans respectively. Today it’s around 1:18 (on average). This is bad. High omega 6 creates an inflammatory environment in your body which leads to increased insulin resistance, a common factor in type 2 diabetes, some cancers and hypertension. THAT IS WHY YOU SHOULD EAT GRASS FED MEATS!

This is a VERY weak argument to say the least that the paleo diet isn’t worth it. I just can’t understand why everyone attacks it so viciously?

The definition of paleo is eating foods, which are natural to the earth, sustainably grown and ethically raised. The decrease in health costs to the community, the fact you are doing your part for the environment and also your bit to decrease animal cruelty – I can’t see a single problem towards it. Oh and it’s good for your health? HOW IS THIS NOT A WIN-WIN??

And then finally to end the article with this monstrosity:

‘“Everyone would agree that ancestral diets didn’t include Twinkies,” said Sayers, “but I’m sure our ancestors would have eaten them if they grew on trees.”’

Yeah they probably would have and they would have been sick because of the amount of chemicals and sugar in the twinkie and then they would not have eaten it again.

If they continued to eat them, you would see our society as it is today. Sick.

Any questions?

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