About Elle, Head Coach and Owner

Elle works with women of all ages and fitness levels who are looking to dramatically increase their strength and body confidence through her energetic classes at CrossFit Tone – a women’s CrossFit Gym in the Sydney Northern Beaches suburb, Brookvale.

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Elle is passionate about three things; 

One – Helping women re-discover their personal power and self-confidence through becoming strong and toned. 
Two – Teaching women how to move their bodies in the best way to see hard work pay off.
Three – Training women to become strong and fit in a supportive, fun, family-friendly environment.

Having worked in the fitness industry for the last five years, and achieving a world record with her team at the Australian CrossFit Regionals in 2014, Elle lives and breathes her mission, advocating the ultimate fitness lifestyle through her classes at CrossFit Tone and the information she shares on her blog.

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Elle is revolutionising the way everyday women – no matter what their fitness level – train, encouraging weightlifting and new styles of exercise through CrossFit Tone’s Shape Class. 
Elle’s goal with CrossFit Tone Gym is to help women achieve amazing changes in self-confidence and body-confidence through dedication and training, with premier classes and programs created by women, for women.

Connect with Elle at the CrossFit Tone facebook page here or visit the website today and sign up to the CrossFit Tone community. www.crossfittone.com.au

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About the Author

Elle has a passion for women's fitness and helping girls improve their self-image through fitness. Her vision is to create a CrossFit gym, which allows women to learn how to move, build their strength, learn to be healthy and gain respect for their bodies showing them how amazing they really are! Find out more