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We all have those elements of training we don’t like doing – whether it heavy weightlifting, complex gymnastics or just simply damn burpees

with such a wide variety in CrossFit workouts there is always going to be something you hate. I was having a chat to a client today and she mention she wasn’t sure if she like the weightlifting. She really liked the gymnastics and the metabolic conditioning side of training but definitely wasn’t sold on lifting.

I have to say she was great at the gymnastics – could do a pull u with little practise, and could move on the burpees, rower etc. However she was finding it hard to pick the technique of lifting up quickly. It took her a lot of effort and frustration to get the movement right – simply because she had never done anything like it before.

I can understand her frustration – when a flaw in your person get thrown in your face like that it’s confronting, it’s uncomfortable and it’s pretty damn annoying. No one wants to be confronted with something they aren’t good at. We naturally gravitate away from the things we can’t do. For example if you hate maths there is a good chance you are just not very good at it.

It really sucks to fail, and most people will move away from the chance of them failing because of that feeling.

I’m suggesting you don’t do that. Because when you are not good at something, to become good at it is growth, it’s a high level challenge.

It means you are putting your fear and ego behind you, learning, growing and developing to a level you may not have thought possible. This is such a crucial skill in all areas of life. If you can deal with the discomfort of failing and patiently put in the work to get there – you will succeed and it will be one of the most satisfying things.

There are so many times I failed muscles up when learning them. I know so many of you have failed pull up attempts – starting at that damn bar and wondering how you could ever get up there. And then one day – you did! And it was glorious – a moment where all your hard work and effort had paid off. It felt amazing and you were so proud.

So if you’re thinking of quitting because you don’t like the training or an element of it, it may be time to look at the bigger picture. This time of mental fortitude is so important in dealing with the discomfort of failure as it will translate to all areas of you life.

Sometimes you have to fail before you succeed but it makes the growth and education of the experience much more memorable and enjoyable.

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