Why all mothers should get in shape!

Being a Mum is hard work, whether you have a newborn baby or 3 kids under 5.  The issues faced by mums getting the kids through the day, can be stressful and can sometimes, be overwhelming – and that’s on a “good” nights sleep!


You know you’re better for your family when you have energy, feel good and can be a good role model for them. So how do you get your energy back, and feel revitalised and healthy again?

Being a fitter mother can help not only your health and increase your energy levels so you don’t feel so kaput, but have an impact on how you manage your stress levels and how you feel about yourself. Remember exercise releases endorphins – endorphins make you happy – happy people don’t get so stressed and lose their minds dealing with their daily issues and frustrations. Everybody wins!

One type of exercise to try is CrossFit. It has the capacity to give you back your health, fitness and vitality. You know, the stuff that got away from you whilst looking after the kids or having your beautiful baby (hopefully you’re sleeping well)? Do you miss it? Is it time to do something for you (and your family too) and get back into it?

This is where being fit comes in. Exercise is great for increasing your energy levels, and CrossFit provides a great way of getting in a good sweat while being time effective as well. So what is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a whole body workout, which is stimulating, interesting and provides variety – just what you need to wake up your mind and increase your energy levels! CrossFit is not repetitive so you will never be bored and provides challenges suitable to your fitness level so you see constant results.

CrossFit at CrossFit Tone provides a sanctuary in the morning or afternoon, where you can put the kids in the crèche, so you can focus on you and recharge your batteries!  It’s your time to look after your health so you can be the best mum you can be!

Remember your no good sick, lethargic and unhealthy, to your family! Being a good role model means keeping yourself fit and healthy, so you can run around after your little ones and help them make the best life choices!

Finally, CrossFit provides a social platform for mums in the same boat as themselves, to meet each other. This lets you vent about issues mother’s face on a day to day basis and creates a sense of camaraderie amongst everyone! Some of the best friends you’ll make are at CrossFit because you share a sense of belonging and likeness with all your fellow crossfitters!

So if you’re a mum, stressed out and looking to revitalise and get your fitness back on track, you can immensely benefit from CrossFit training.


Are you looking for the best CrossFit gym to suit you? CrossFit Tone is a women’s only CrossFit gym, which understands the needs of mums and their bubs. Drop the little ones off in our crèche (at no extra cost to membership) and get your fitness, health and mind back into shape with CrossFit Tone. Click here!

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