Many women ask me ‘What’s the best way to get a 6 pack? What exercises can I do for my abs?’ Well the answer might surprise you because I actually wouldn’t prescribe an ab exercise. If you are already training (especially functional movement) then you don’t need to spend more hours in the gym doing ab exercises.

You need to eat better and sleep more.

Yep, it’s that simple.

You actually need to be looking to the kitchen and checking out what you eat. Here are a few rules you might want to implement and why:

1. Cut sugar especially fructose

Within table sugar there are two types – glucose and fructose. Fructose (fruit sugar) is digested and converted straight into fat. Take a second to realise the impact of that fact. Fructose is digested and converted straight into fat.

So you need to cut out sugar from your diet to reduce your production of fat and then for your body to eat into your fat stores, which especially sit over your stomach.

2. Cut your carbohydrate intake

Carbohydrates are mainly glucose in a complex form.

Glucose, as opposed to fructose, is converted straight into energy so long as there is not too much in your system. Any excess will be converted into fat.

So cutting down on your carbohydrate intake will also help rid you of that extra fat around your stomach

3. Eat more protein and good fats

Increasing your protein intake and good fats is a great way to keep your caloric intake to what your body needs.

Ethical and sustainable protein sources (see here for details) and good fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado, various oils (not vegetable oils) are satisfying and the way the body uses these nutrients helps you lose body fat. These nutrients are used for repairing and creating new cells.

4. Eat enough

Do not cut your calorie intake. This will simply eat into muscle and not the fat you want to get rid of. Plus you are more likely to rebound after starving yourself than if you keep yourself full and satisfied. Just change the calorie intake composition (e.g. less carbs and sugar, more good fats and protein).

5. Add more fibre

You will also need to eat more fibre as well as the calorie. A lot of people think there is mainly fibre in bread so where do I get my fibre you may ask?

Vegetables – especially green and leafy! Lots and lots of veggies, buckets even! Leeks and spinach are my favourite – you can honestly never have enough!

6. Sleep more

Stress hormones can have a disruptive impact on your body’s ability to burn fat. Sleep is a great way to make sure these hormones stay imbalance. So next time you want to stay up scrolling Facebook, turn it off and get to bed!

A great rule is no phone after 8pm! It will do wonders for your mental health and relationships too!

What next?

So now you know what you need to do in the kitchen. Like I said if you’re training for a 6 pack – you’ll need to clean up your nutrition!

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