Why does CrossFit get results fast?

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1. CrossFit trains intensity

Intensity is one of the keys to getting fit, fast. It is also a highly prized element of health. Fitness experts recommend working out super hard for a short amount of time to get the best health results. The more vigorously you exercise the less time you have to train.

2. CrossFit trains functionality

What does this mean? Functional training refers to training that can be transferred to every day life. For example a squat movement is similar to sitting down and standing up. A deadlift is a great way to learn how to safely pick something up off the ground and put it down. An overhead press is need if you want to place an object overhead like placing your luggage in the overhang compartment in an airplane.

These movements are crucial for good quality of life and easily moving through life

3. CrossFit trains the mind

CrossFit is tough. Being short, sharp and intense, you need to build a mental toughness that will keep you going and get you performing your best during workout. The good news is this mental toughness can be transferred into all areas of your life making you mentally strong in lots of areas and help tackling difficult and stressful situations

4. CrossFit trains variety

Have you ever found yourself getting bored at the gym or getting bored of your workout routine? Well, CrossFit workouts are constantly varied which means you almost never do the same workout twice. This means you will not get bored at training and will always be interested in the workout!

5. CrossFit teaches confidence

In CrossFit you are constantly learning, reaching goals and striving to be fitter. There is always some aspect of your fitness you can improve on and therefore you always have a goal in sight. Reaching goals not only keeps you motivated but helps improve your confidence so you feel really good about yourself. You achieve things you never thought you would and see real change and improvement in your life.

6. CrossFit is a challenge

CrossFit is a real challenge for those who are willing to put in the work. You learn a lot about your body, health, nutrition and movement. You start to see the battle modern day living is waging on your health. No one said it was going to be easy, but it’s worth the challenge to feel healthy and strong.

7. CrossFit encourages community

Finally CrossFit fosters a community of like minded people who are with you day in, day out spurring you on to succeed. They workout with you, feel the same pain and intensity during a workout as you do and therefore have a special camaraderie with you and your CrossFit group. It’s easy to be friends with like minded people who genuinely want to see you succeed and do your best like you do them!

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