The best kept secret to getting an amazing body! What the health industry isn’t telling you!


Oh, there’s no secret just hard work

You may not like what I have to say today, on the other hand it might make perfect sense to you.

We are part of an age where we are bombarded with infomercials about the newest and best weight loss gadget, the latest ‘fat loss’ shake or pill and the proven exercise regime to burn the highest amount of calories in the shortest amount of time.

People pay extraordinary amounts of money to get their body where they think they want it to be without really achieving anything at all. When they do achieve their desired weight loss it is generally followed by weight gain as they are unable to sustain this type of eating/exercise/use of gadget.

Furthermore, they haven’t learnt how to actually keep weight off, or be healthy. They don’t know how to move their body properly and they have no idea how good their body is meant to feel.

Don’t be ruled by convenience

In an age where convenience is king, people have lost sight of working hard for their health and fitness. We are substituting sweating it out in the gym for some machine that contracts your muscles for you, and giving up real whole foods for processed shakes and diet pills.

There is no real secret to keeping fit and having a great body. It’s about eating real food which supports you nutritionally, working out hard in ways that combine all elements of fitness – strength, balance, co-ordination, power, cardio, endurance, flexibility, agility, stamina and speedm– to give your body the best movement and life you can give yourself.

Sometimes I feel like this is actually the best kept secret and clients look at me like I have two heads when I explain this to them. So let me elaborate.

Don’t be scared of working hard, it’s easier than you think

Hard work seems to be something so many people are scared of.  Everyone wants an amazing body, or to be super fit or healthy until they realise the hard work that’s involved.

To be Fit, eat Healthily and get a Toned body is hard work. It takes time, effort and coordination with everything else that goes on in your life. You have to be diligent, consistent and willing to sacrifice sitting on the sofa watching TV for going training, preparing meals and sleep.

So why would you want to do that? Wouldn’t you rather just eat ice cream all the time, chilling out, and doing exactly what you want all the time?

Make hard work a positive habit

Well no, once you get past the initial shock of working out and changing your lifestyle it just becomes habit. You’re no longer thinking about should I, shouldn’t I go to the gym. You just do. Should I order banana bread with my coffee? No I shouldn’t. It takes about a month for these habits to settle into place so if you keep pushing and make time in your schedule to be healthily and train you will.

No excuses.

Finally, living this way makes you feel amazing. Most people have no idea how good their body is meant to feel and chances are you are one of them. When you eat well, nourish your body, train in a way that your body responds well to – you feel good. You feel strong. You feel alive. Everything is clear and precise. You have a sense of achievement in what you’re doing, and secondly feel so good doing it, there is no reason not to!

Your moods, your concentration, your mind feels better. There is no 3pm slump where you feel brain dead and like you need to sleep or need a quick sugar fix. Your productivity increase so you can get more done in the day. So making time for cooking or exercise is much easier as you feel it is not so much of a chore as it may have done at first.

Crush your doubts

If you always look at really healthy and fit people and wonder how they do it, this is why. Because they treat their body like a high performance sports car, so it preforms optimally. If you treat your body like a bomb (bad eating, no exercise, high stress, lack of sleep) you will perform like a piece of crap.

If you have any doubts, I would challenge you to eat strictly healthy and start and exercise regime for 1 month and see how you feel from start to end. Keep a food and training diary, and note your moods over the course of the month. See how you feel.

If you do we would love to hear from you!

How much is the hard work worth in today’s society? Everything.

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