Learn to love training in Winter

I have heard time and time again that winter is hard, motivation lacks and all you want to do is curl up into bed under a rug watching Netflix.

While this is all good and well, if your serious about health, wellness and a summer body you shouldn’t wait until the “6 week body fat blaster” programs to pop up 2 weeks from Summer , as believe it or not winter has many advantages to training!

summer bodies aremade in the winter

Advantage 1#

Winter has less distracts to keep you healthy.

I have noticed seasonal trends during the year and the gym is definitely quieter in Summer than Winter. Why is this? Because Summer (although calls for wearing a bikini) is when you are always out and about. The weather is way too nice to spend time in the gym!

That’s why you should be spending time during in winter to get your body summer ready!

Advantage 2#

Winter encourages a long term healthy lifestyle

Winter training can teach you to live a healthy lifestyle and not just a quick program. Rather than going on a crash diet (which by the way majority of people put weight straight back on, even more once finished, if they finish it) a long term sustainable lifestyle is where the real results are.

If you want to be healthy and look good, you need to be training and eating well all year around consistently. This is the best way for you to see the results you want and sustain them long term!

Advantage 3#

You’ll stay fit and won’t have to start again
You won’t lose fitness gained over Summer and have to start again the next Spring. There is honestly nothing worse than having to start from scratch when it comes to fitness. Having to start from the beginning is the worst, it’s such a different type of hard to when you are fit and training, no doubt this is still hard but you deal with the training much better and you are more capable.

Don’t start from the bottom every Summer, keep training through Winter and be better than ever for the next Summer.

Advantage 4#

You have all Winter to get your Summer body!

It takes much longer than just a 6 week bender to get an awesome Summer body. If you start off with small goals to work over the entire of Winter you will be more likely to reach your goal than a 6 week binge. Most diets that are extreme end in people putting on what they lost within a half the time of their binge.

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Now what?

With all this in mind, it’s time to start thinking about your workout schedule during winter and how you are going to keep up the motivation and routine.

Having days where you make it your priority to get to the gym is one of the best ways to do this. Once you are in a routine, this will become much easier, but you need to make it a no brainer to get to the gym.

You also want to have some goals and a timeline written out so you can reach them. It will keep you focused over Winter and help you see the worth of what you’re doing.

Finally find a gym and community which keeps you interested and excited to train even when it’s cold outside. This kind of commardary is only found when you weather hard times together and training in Winter certainly does this.

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