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Dogs make great running partners, not just because of their boundless energy, but also because of their genuine excitement to be spending time with you. Even the most dedicated athlete has days when she just doesn’t feel like working out. This is not the case with your pup. Dogs thrive on routine, so you’ll be coaxed into running even when it’s more tempting to spend that 30 minutes extra in bed. Your pup can even help you maintain your pace over long distances. When your pace fluctuates as your mind wanders, your dog will keep you on target, looping around adorably to remind you to keep up!

Here at CrossFit Tone, we are all about pushing our bodies to the next level with challenging exercises. So we were delighted to be included in a round-up of Australia’s leading fitness experts. The article published by Bupa Pet Insurance, ‘Tips for Getting Fit with Your Pet’, brings you some great ideas for incorporating your pets into your fitness regime.

The article reads, ‘Owner Elle has a passion for helping women get fit and healthy through strength and high-intensity training.’ But on the days that you are not doing CrossFit, you can still get a great workout in along with your furry friend.

As we told Bupa, ‘Running away from your dog, letting them chase you back and vice versa. You’ll quickly forget it’s a workout, guaranteed to set your heart soaring in no time.’

Agility courses are a great option. Think of it as CrossFit for your four-legged friend. Each course presents a new set of challenges for your dog. As they progress through the course, each obstacle does more than just strengthen their muscles, it strengthens their brains too, as they have to figure out how each obstacle works. You’ll also get a workout as you run alongside your animal companion, darting through obstacles and guiding them through the course. These agility courses are popping up all over the place, so do a quick Internet search to find one near you.

To keep your body in peak shape, it is crucial that you incorporate variety into your workouts, and exercising with your pet is a great way to do that. You’ll get the added benefit of switching up your routine and challenging different muscles, and your animal companion will love having extra time to bond with you.

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