Interested in trying CrossFit for women at CrossFit Tone? Get our pink pass with no risk, or obligation to sign!

Get an unlimited access 2 week pass valued at $130 for just $39!

Whether you’re new to CrossFit or a seasoned athlete we are looking forward to helping you reach your fitness goals!

Sign up for our 2 week, unlimited access pass for just $39 which is already valued at $130!

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  • FAQ CrossWho? I’m new to CrossFit:

    Why is the pink pass the way to go?

    You will be able to trial our sessions and get an understanding of the basics of CrossFit and the disciplines involved in the workouts

    We will teach you good technique and movement in flexibility and mobility, which is essential for improvement and quick results.

    You’ll receive a free mini nutritional guide, which will give you the tools for healthy eating and help in transforming your body to be strong, healthy and fit.

    You will gain an understanding of why CrossFit has been called addictive and life changing!

    Who can do CrossFit?

    Anyone and everyone! We are able to ‘scale’ or cater the workouts to suit your individual needs. This ensures you get the best out of your workout. CrossFit is not just for sports specific über fit athletes. It helps turn everyday women into workout Queens who are fit, healthy, empowered and happy!

    The results you want are possible, and our coaches will make sure you achieve those goals.

    You can come on in and experience all that over 2-weeks for only $39 (or $44 to include crèche on designated sessions – see timetable)

  • FAQ I’m an experienced CrossFitter:

    Why is the pink pass the way to go?

    You may be a seasoned CrossFitter or you may have just dabbled in CrossFit before. For whatever reason, you’ve left your previous box and are now looking for a new home. You already know how awsome CrossFit is.

    We would love to show you, our community, our home and our quality coaching!

    Being a women’s CrossFit gym, offers a unique vibe which is different from any other CrossFit. And we want you to see that difference and how it can help you in your health and fitness quest!

    We want to make sure you find the right home. That’s why we are offering a 2 week trial for you to test run and feel the difference at CrossFit Tone!

    Come on in and experience all you need over 2-weeks for only $39 (or $44 to include crèche on designated sessions – see timetable)

    yes, i want a pink pass

  • So… what’s actually included:

    2 weeks UNLIMITED GROUP CROSSFIT CLASSES (that’s up to $130 in value)

    A great Women’s CrossFit community who encourage you at every level

    Non intimidating environment to allow you to be empowered in your workout

    Experienced and highly dedicated CrossFit Coaches

    No obligations – you won’t be disappointed!

    Check our timetable for session times

    Just $39 (or $44 to include the Crèche during designated Mum’s & Bub’s sessions – see timetable) for fitness training to the value of $130

    What are you waiting for?

  • So… what’s the catch?

    A CrossFit Box is different to any other kind of gym. It can take some time to get a proper understanding of the movements and workouts. It might take some people, a couple of weeks to get a real feel for whether CrossFit is for them.

    By making it only $39 (or $44 to include crèche during designated Mum’s & Bub’s sessions – see timetable), it’s virtually risk free for you to experience CrossFit and CrossFIt Tones dedicated coaching.

    We are confident you will see the benefits of CrossFit with CrossFit Tone within the 2 week Pink Pass trial. You’ll start to see and feel why CrossFit is so effective in creating fit, strong, gorgeous bodies.

Ok…. Lets do this!

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Please note the T’s and C’s:

Valid for new customers only

One trial Pink Pass per person only

Payment must be made before 1st session is attended

Must be started within 14 days of purchase

Expires 14 days after your first session

Available to locals who work or reside within a 10km radius of the box or standard fees apply – please bring proof of address when redeeming

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