Find out why Mother’s are taking to weightlifting and CrossFit!

A new phenomena is arising on the Northern beaches as mums are taking to weightlifting! Thanks to the women of CrossFit Tone, Sydney’s first women’s CrossFit gym, Mum’s of all different training back grounds are finding confidence in training weights and loving the results.

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Thinking back to the aerobic 80s and the cardio bunny 90s, and 00s, weightlifting is not a very common female sport. However, it is gaining popularity due to the huge benefit it provides to women in shaping not only their bodies but also their minds!

The stigma of women training weights is no more as increasing levels of popularity and women who tone muscle being seen as very sexy. Heroine chic is no longer popular and buns are in! The new saying? “Strong is the new Skinny!”

So what exactly does weight training do for women?

Weight training has a long list of health benefits such as decreased risk of osteoporosis (very prevalent in older women), increased metabolism, decrease in body fat, improved muscle tone and strength and stronger joints. Science has even proven weightlifting and cardio together is twice as effective at trimming down your waistline than cardio alone!

But the most interesting effect of weightlifting is on the confidence of these Mums. Jodie a member since inception says:

I love the weightlifting side of CrossFit. I feel empowered when I put weight on the bar and do certain movements and get through the reps, I feel excited with what my body is capable of. It’s such an awesome feeling when week by week passes and I can add a little more weight onto the bar, I feel stronger, fitter and healthier than I have ever been. It makes me want to keep pushing myself as I love the feeling of endorphins pumping through my body just after lifting weights. I just couldn’t imagine my life without it now.’

– Jodie Hines, CrossFit Tone Member

These women also have a common bond, not only over motherhood but an appreciation for health and fitness encouraging each other and helping one another to succeed. Jo says of the community:

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I joined CrossFit Tone at the beginning of the year, being very unfit and frankly quite terrified at the thought of any exercise other than walking!

From my very first class I knew I had found the right place for me. When the coaches say “No Woman Left Behind” they actually mean it. And it’s not just them, I have not met anyone in any of the classes who was not friendly, inclusive and supportive. 

CrossFit Tone has exceeded all of my hopes for a gym – not only am I pushing myself further physically than I thought I could, (and feeling so much better for it!) but I love the social side of the class, everyone takes their workout seriously, but no one takes themselves too seriously to enjoy a bit of fun!’

– Jo Matthews, CrossFit Tone Member

To reap the benefits of weightlifting, without the intimidation of a co-ed gym, why not get your superwoman on and try CrossFit Tone – they even have a crèche for your little ones!

Sounds much better than spending hours plodding along on the treadmill…. that’s for sure!

Interested in kick starting your training and seeing what CrossFit Tone is all about? Grab our 2 week Pink Pass Trial – just $39 ($44 w creche) for unlimited training sessions!

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