What could you being doing better in your nutrition?

When clients ask me ‘what should I eat’ it’s a tough question to answer.

Not because there is no answer but because there is no one answer to fit all.

The way to eating is quite a journey and can take many years for people to finally crack what works best for them to achieve health and vitality.


The body is a complex but very well-tuned mechanism, when we give it the right fuel.

What works for me may in fact not work for you.

There are definite health guideline which can agree are essential like eating a wide variety of vegetables and leafy greens, cutting out all sugar and processed foods and drinking a lot of water.

However, after that, you really have to tailor your food to you.

For example, eggs and nuts are a great source of dietary fats, proteins and other vital nutrients, but we see lots of people having allergic reactions to these. Other people are gluten or carb sensitive or dairy intolerant.

Clearly these people should not be eating these foods. However, if your body tolerates these foods, you should be able to eat them.

The problem is many people believe they tolerate foods, which they in fact don’t.

And food allergies or sensitivity can come out in strange ways such as ‘always being sick’ to stomach cramps.

You may always have these symptoms and just think ‘it’s just how my body is’. But you may not have to put up with it.

This is where food regimes like paleo can help.

Paleo cuts out many foods people have problems with such as processed foods, sugar, refined carbs, additives and preservatives, dairy, grains and legumes.

Paleo focuses on whole foods, which have been ethically raised like grass fed meats.

There are still foods within the paleo diet, which you can have allergies to.

Eggs and nuts are an example.

Obviously, avoid these if you know you are allergic to them.

You can get a test from a naturopath for food allergies which could save you the elimination process whereby you cut your food down to strictly paleo and after a month slowly reintroduce different foods at a time like wheat, dairy and other grains.

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If you have an adverse reaction you have a negative response and should avoid these foods. If there is no reaction then they are more than likely tolerated by your body.

Hopefully this piece has ignited the desire for change even just a little bit.

So what should you do?

Research and test what foods work for you and what don’t.

Cut out all the crap in your diet and eat natural foods to see how good your body can feel!

Then when you introduce foods back in see what you feel like!

If you feel healthier and better what a win! More energy more health and more happiness for you!

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