Are you going to gym week in, week out, doing all the training classes, plodding along on the treadmill, training weights here and there (maybe not really sure what you doing) but not quite getting the results you hoped for?

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Why having a fitness coach is essential to high results

Although it may seem obvious, having a coach to help organize your training, teach you new skills and refine those skills, is a massive advantage when it comes to getting fitter and stronger in the gym.
So what do I mean by a coach?

In the fitness industry there are various types of trainers, but a coach is someone who mentors you through your workouts, helping build your athletic ability and your mind during training.

Having a bootcamp or class instructor does NOT give you the same benefit as having a coach who focuses on your ability to perform good technique, movement and also, driving you mentally during a workout.

It is the coaches’ ability to train your mind that will drive you to success. Remember the body achieves what the mind believes.

There are various circumstance where you might find yourself reaching out to find a coach to help you with your training and various reason you previously might not have reached out. Let’s explore shall we?

Not realizing how amazingly beneficial coaching can be

One of the main reasons not everyone chooses to have a coach is because they simply don’t realize the benefit they get from coaching.

You have a goal in training.

It might be do a triathlon. It might be just to walk up a flight of stairs without losing your breath. There are lots of factors that determine whether you succeed or fail.

Having a coach allows you to create a bond with someone who pushes you to succeed.

Coaches are able to keep you motivated and on track to reach your goal. They create accountability for your training goals and have the necessary knowledge about health and fitness to get you to your goals faster.

Coaches offer much more than just a trainer shouting at you go work harder. They offer the why and how to work harder so you have long-term sustainable results. They also offer you exercises, which you would never have done before to help your body reach it highest potential.

The cost involved – perception of a high price

So who are these coaches? They must be pretty exclusive and expensive? Not necessarily you just have to find the right studios.

I believe when you think of coaches, you think of personal trainers. While they are going to be knowledgeable and helpful, an hour session for $90 is not going to get you the results you want, especially if you’re only training once per week.

Boutique gyms such as (quality) CrossFit, offer you small group classes which means you can go 6 times per week and get the attention you need to really excel.

At little more than $10 per session, this is quality coaching, allowing you to reach levels of fitness and health you never dreamed!

They also offer a positive group environment with people who have like-minded goals, so you stay motivated and inspired for the long term!

If you’re reaching your goals and the coaching is working, isn’t it worth the cost rather than paying a gym membership, which you don’t enjoy and don’t see results from?

Failure to find an experienced and knowledgeable coach

Trying to find a place, which has experienced coaches, is definitely a hard one.

It can difficult to weed through the barely qualified fitness instructors to the beacons of knowledge.

One good tip is finding out their qualifications and seeing if the people that train with them are monitored and move well. It might take a week or two to figure out but is the coach attentive? Do you they give you advice on how to move correctly? Do they give you strategies when training which will prove to be of long term benefit?

Mostly are you wowed by the knowledge they possess and the systems they put in place?

Find a coach with suits your goals and training desires

Once you start looking, you might find many great coaches.

They are definitely out there, but you have to decide whether these coaches fit with your training desires. For example there is no use in going to a strongman coach, if you are interested improving your endurance.

If you are interested in toning up and getting strong, healthy and fit you might look to a system like CrossFit, which involves weightlifting but also has a great cardio component.

Finally your coach should be able to have a training style that suits you.

If you don’t want to be shouted at during a workout, find a coach that uses other triggers to subtly motivate. You need a coach that is going to get the best out of you, not break you down emotionally.

Your coach should lift you up to a level of success you’ve never seen before!

Personality training types – not all people want coaches

Finally not all personality types are suited to coaching. Some people, sadly simply do not care enough about their training or health to seek out a better way to train.

But if you do really care about your fitness, health and body, coaching is an amazing way to increase all these aspects of your life.

You’ll meet inspirational people who push you and help you reach success that you thought impossible. It’s how coaches shape your mindset from can’t to can, which provides the real value.

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