Do you love working towards your fitness goals but haven’t yet found a gym to really call home?

At CrossFit Tone you will enjoy the challenges of each workout – expanding on what your body and mind can really achieve. If you have big fitness goals, but you haven’t been able to quite get there – we can help! Our gym presents a unique environment for women who want to break into new health and fitness realms. Go from where you are now, to where you want to be, through expert training and classes with our coaches. We aim to inspire and empower you by presenting you with new fitness experiences and challenges that aim to see you exceed your expectations! If you think you are already incredibly fit female and are looking for new and exciting fitness challenges let us set some big goals with you – and train together to achieve them.

So… what is CrossFit?

To paraphrase the CrossFit Journal (the link is below):

‘CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that can be tailored to people of any age, strength and fitness level. It encompases elements of weight lifting, gymnastics aerobics, metabolic conditioning, agility and flexibility.’

This previous sentence may mean nothing to you. What you need to know is CrossFit will get you fit, it will get you healthy and it will get you results, fast.
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What we do

At CrossFit Tone we want to empower women to feel good, be strong, fit and healthy, feel sexy and love your body! This lifestyle gives you the vitality to do what you want in life and feel fantastic doing it!

Check out what some of our girls have to say about CrossFit Tone!

‘We live, we sweat, we lift, we eat well, we love outdoors, we love the beach, we paddle board, yoga, run, swim, we set goals, we work hard, we motivate, inspire, encourage our friends, peers, celebrate their success, console their losses, we are community, we are health, we are fitness, we are CrossFit. CrossFit Tone.’


Sophie Hogarth

After a series of empty promises, unused gym memberships and failed attempts at getting fit and healthy, I realized I needed a drastic change in my fitness regime! The gym environment was not aiding me physically or mentally in achieving my goals. Workouts lacked variety and intensity, and I felt stagmented in my fitness level with very little support or guidance about how I could go about improving my overall fitness and strength. I embarked on the Crossfit experience searching for a different approach, a new challenge and a positive mindset!

I had dabbled in Crossfit briefly in the past, but found the environment particularly male dominating, with workouts consisting of predominantly traditional style Olympic lifting. As well as being all women, what initially attracted me to Crossfit Tone was the Shape class, which includes a combination of strength conditioning, technique and cardio exercises, contributing to a total body workout that feels absolutely amazing! In just a few months I have noticed changes in my body shape, while also gaining huge improvement in my strength and endurance. Along with the physical changes, I am finding I am making healthier lifestyle choices and have a renewed energy and focus in my daily life!

Elle and the team at Crossfit Tone have contributed majorly towards this success. Their motivation and encouragement has pushed me to achieve things I never though I was capable of, and their knowledge and experience is second to none! They know how to get the most out of each individual, continually scaling workouts and building skills and techniques. However, the actual physical training is only a part of it, the sense of community and overall positive attitude that Elle and her team cultivate is the biggest motivation of all! Not only does the fun, friendly and positive atmosphere make it easier to stay motivated, but I actually look forward to workouts and sweating it out with a supportive network of women with similar mindsets and aspirations!

It took a lot of procrastination, but it’s been two months since I have started at Crossfit Tone and its safe to say I have enjoyed every minute, rep, lift, row and run! :)

Juliana Brigden

I started training with Ellie at Crossfit Tone in late October. My previous experience with trainers and corporate gyms has been really demoralising. Before I started at Crossfit Tone, I had never used weights, or tried any kind of strength training, so was very self conscious about how weak I was.

From the very first day, Ellie has been friendly, supportive, and motivational, encouraging me and creating a really friendly, fun environment in which to train. Every day Ellie sets a new workout which is challenging for all participants. She talks you through the exercises and makes sure you’re always safe. Ellie frequently tailors the workout to suit my goals and abilities, and pushes me through the workout making me work harder than I ever have.

Since I started, I have been motivated by the fun environment Ellie has created at her gym, and have been almost every day. My body is already looking and feeling so different, and I cannot believe the results. I am feeling stronger and more toned than I have ever been, and can’t wait to see what the next month brings.

I came to Crossfit Tone on the recommendation from a work colleague, and would likewise recommend it to anyone wanting to make those changes they’ve been dreaming of.

Happy Training girls xx

Tara Swedlow

“For anyone looking to get into fitness for the first time, don’t be afraid to give CrossFit a go!

Ellie at CrossFit Tone will make you feel like you’ve been doing it for years. She is so encouraging and motivating and really takes the time to show you the right technique…quality over quantity!

I joined CrossFit Tone after changing my diet to exclude grains and sugar and eat more healthy fats and good quality organic produce…feeling energetic and healthy made me actually want to do some exercise for the first time in many years! I threw myself in the deep end and because Crossfit Tone is a women’s only box I knew I wasn’t going to feel intimated at all in the process!

I am absolutely loving my sessions with Ellie – every one is completely different which is what keeps me interested! The timetable for the “mums and bubs” class is great for people with kids with mid morning and early afternoon sessions and to have a crèche that the kids can hang out in just makes things even easier.

Give CrossFit Tone a go…you won’t be disappointed!”

Sophia Stanely

‘I started at Crossfit Tone as a beginner to CrossFit who was looking to improve my fitness and strength. I was sick of big group classes at big gyms where I was given no direction as to whether I was doing the workout correctly, and therefore never felt like I was improving or achieving anything.

CrossFit Tone’s small classes and Elle’s patience, encouragement and expertise has meant I am finally achieving my fitness goals.

The workouts are great as they are always varied, challenging but achievable. There are always alternatives to the exercises so each workout can be tailored to your ability making sure you get the most out of the workout.

CrossFit Tone’s a supportive and encouraging culture means even as a beginner I have never felt intimidated.

I highly recommend CrossFit Tone! ‘

Lucy Burnett

“I started casually training with Ellie at CrossFit Tone early October, at first I was a bit hesitant at the whole idea as I had never done weights or any type of strength training and I have had gym memberships in the past and haven’t enjoyed going at all!

However, from the beginning Ellie has been, supportive, friendly, motivational and encouraged me every step of the way! CrossFit Tone has a group of girls who are also very friendly and supportive, this makes it an exciting and fun environment, which I look forward to going to everyday!

Ellie creates new workouts each day that are individually challenging for all of us. Step by step she explains and demonstrates each stage in detail so that everyone knows what to do. Ellie take her time to help you get it right!! Personally I find rowing difficult however each time I’ve had to face it Ellie has supported me and given me the encouragement and strength I need to push through it!

I now come to CrossFit every day of the week Monday-Friday and try doing Saturday’s if I can. I love every minute and when I don’t go I have to say I truly do miss it. I have already noticed changes with my body and am extremely happy with the results so far, I am feeling stronger healthier and more energised. I can’t wait to see what results will come out over the next month or two!

I would recommend CrossFit Tone to anyone who wants to loose some weight, tone up, whilst having FUN!

Give it a try, you won’t regret it! It is AWESOME!”

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