Have you heard of CrossFit?

If you haven’t you don’t want to be left out so you better read this! As CrossFit gains more momentum as a sport and more coverage on social media and TV there are ever increasing criticism on the subject. So what is CrossFit really? If you’ve watched it on TV you see a lot of people throwing weights around, handstand walking, climbing ropes, pushing heavy blocks of weights and doing some pretty crazy things which makes you think hmmm these people are pretty dayum fit.

Ok that’s cool but what is CrossFit?

Without the technical mumbo jumbo, CrossFit is really a combination of Olympic lifting (like you see in the Olympics) and weightlifting lifts. Then they add gymnastic movements (pull ups, toe to bar, handstand push ups, muscle ups, ring dips) and conditioning movements (running, jumping, rowing, burpees) to these weight-baring activities mixing them all together to create a workout.


WHAT??? Yeah I know it’s pretty much a bunch of different movements in sport clumped together to make a workout. This makes every workout very broad so you don’t really do the same workout twice, which is great as there is a lot of variety. So if you get bored easily working out I’ve found your solution! Generally the idea is that a crossfiter will be fit over many different types of exercises. They are not trying to be specific. A good example is if you took a 100m sprinter, a 400m runner and a long distance runner. They are going to compete in each of these events against each other. They should all win in their respective events. But the 400m runner should be able to come 2nd in the 100m and long distance run. Therefore, coming first overall. This is what crossfiters are hoping to achieve when they compete.

Being the best over a very broad range of movements so the strongest, fastest and fittest in all areas.

Consequently, there are always exercises you need to work on. If you are really good at lifting heavy but can do a gymnastic movement you are never going to beat the person that is a mediocre lifter and gymnast.

So for many people this type of training can be quite useful in increasing their overall general fitness. We can see from people who do CrossFit, it gets you fit fast, increase your strength and mobility, and due to its intensity, can be quite time efficient. There are benefits to bone density, blood pressure, weight loss and overall health. If you go to a well-known and respected box, coaches should be able to cater to any fitness and strength level. You many find some of the moves such as Olympic lifting very technical and therefore take a while to perfect, but if you concentrate on small gains and see the workouts as ongoing you can really achieve amazing feats in CrossFit and do exercises you never thought you could do! More importantly many CrossFit gyms pride themselves on their community.

CrossFit is seen as a lifestyle, a way of living by which you eat to fuel your body and workout in the most efficient way to gain health and fitness benefits.

The gym is a place to socialise with your peers, you see each other struggles and triumphs encouraging one another the whole way. In CrossFit the last one to cross the line is cheered on as much as the first. Within the community you can pass on different healthy recipes, workout tips, participate in outdoor activities together, social events and all have a common linkage. It is a true community where everyone fits in and is encouraged to be positive in life and wellness. A great place to make life long friends and live a healthy and fit lifestyle. And that is the true success of CrossFit.

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