1. Turn up on time

CrossFit classes are a full hour for a reason! You need to mobilize, stretch and work on weaknesses, so turn up on time to get the most out of the session.

2. Don’t be scared!

I always get told ‘I’m so nervous’ or ‘I’m so scared’ – please don’t be! Everyone here is nice and supportive and the coaches are there to take you through this crazy world of CrossFit step by step!

3. Introduce yourself

Most members should introduce themselves to you but if not don’t be afraid to get involved and meet the community! It’s half the fun of CrossFit

4. Respect the coaches

Listen to your coaches and respect their word. They will be able to get you fitter, healthier and feeling better than ever. You just have to do what they say!

5. Leave your ego at the door

You could be the best athlete in the world but even if you think you know all there is about CrossFit, you don’t. Don’t bring your ego into a box, that’s how you get injured. Don’t be afraid to regress. There is a point and once you’ve mastered the regression you will be stronger moving forward.

CrossFit 10 Commandments

6. Push yourself every time!

Make sure you work hard in every workout. This is where the results happen, when you push yourself mentally and physically.

7. Cheer everyone else on!

Encourage others in workouts like they are encouraging you! If you finish a WOD early cheer and encourage others on. Whenever the workout is over, congratulate your fellow CrossFitters on their achievements!

8. Clean up after yourself

Once the WOD is over pack up your gear, wipe the sweat, blood and tears off your equipment and make sure everything is how you found it.

9. Be honest with yourself

CrossFit is competitive, but CrossFitters also want to keep their integrity. Don’t skip reps, take short cuts or lie about your time. Completing a workout properly counts for a lot! Plus everyone hates a cheater!

10. Have fun!

Most importantly have fun! At the end of the day that’s what CrossFit is about. Being happier, healthier and fitter and having a great time whilst doing it!

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