CrossFit Tone

‘We live, we sweat, we lift, we eat well, we love outdoors, we love the beach, we paddle board, yoga, run, swim, we set goals, we work hard, we motivate, inspire, encourage our friends, peers, celebrate their success, console their losses, we are community, we are health, we are fitness, we are CrossFit – CrossFit Tone.



With a “No Woman Left Behind” policy, we encourage growth and success everyday. I love seeing a woman realise what her body is truly capable of and how great she can really feel and how good she can look!

We (women) really can do anything we set our minds to! That’s why CrossFit Tone is committed to helping you set your goals and reaching them. With great coaching, information on nutrition and a great community, us girls can achieve greatness.

P.S. Worried about CrossFit? Don’t worry we have you covered! We are all about pushing you to your limits within a safe environment and no egos. We have different classes, which cater to all the different goals our girls have!
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The Team

Elle Belle

Head Coach and Crossfit Tone Owner
Elle has been in the fitness industry since 2010. she began competing in Crossfit in 2012, competing in the CrossFit Australian Regionals in 2014. Team placed 7th in Australia/NZ region earning a world record in one event.

Elle has a passion for women’s fitness and helping girls improve their self-image through fitness abd helping and self-loving. Her vision is to create a Crossfit gym, which allows women to learn how to move, builf their strenght and fitness and gain respect for their bodies and show them what they can do!

Kayla Mulvouge

Kayla has a degree in Exercise and Sport Science and is currently studing to finish her final year of a Master of Physiotherapy at Sydney Uni. She is a keen athlete, having played competitive Gridiron for NSW for the last year. She has been training groups and personal training for 4 years.

Kayla has passion for human movement and fitness, and has a keen interest in all things sport including soccer, athletics and NRL. She loves working out hard in the gym and working hard in all other aspects of her life including her studies.

Georgia Welsman

Georgia is a fresh face on the fitness scene! Having coached school girls in rowing, basketball and cross country, Georgia has taken the next steps to building a career in the fitness industry, finding CrossFit and throwing herself wholly into the process.

Georgia’s passion and enthusiasm for fitness and personable nature makes her a force to be reckoned with. She has a passion for all things gym and seeing clients learn and grow. She finds training and coaching CrossFit particularly rewarding.

What we do

CrossFit Tone aims to show you a lifestyle, not a diet and exercise program – as these usually lead to failure or continuing dissatisfaction. Often times, these programs are unsustainable, have unobtainable goals and are therefore also, demotivating. The diet pills, the ab exercise machines, the infomercials are an illusion of health and feeling good

How good do you really feel? Do you feel healthy? Fit? Vibrant? Do you have stomach pains, bloating or feel lethargic? Are you tired even when waking up? Out of breathe from one set of stairs? You shouldn’t be. The body is made to function optimally if you treat and fuel it well.

CrossFit promotes good nutrition and utilises methods that are achievable, satisfying and sustainable. This contributes to a healthy lifestyle which, ultimately, lets you reach your goals of health, fitness and weight loss. CrossFit training and nutrition is a way of life where there is a strong encouraging community behind you, helping you to achieve your goals, whatever they might be, to live a happier, healthier life.

At CrossFit Tone we want to empower women to feel good, be strong, fit and healthy, feel sexy and love your body! This lifestyle gives you the vitality to do what you want in life and feel fantastic doing it!

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