What would I say to my formerly unfit self?


Dear formerly unfit self,

I know you think you’re fine, and every now again you really think you should get in shape, but then it seems like too much effort. I’m telling you now to start. Just start!

You’re feeling sluggish, you’re always tired, you’re getting puffed walking up a set of stairs, and feeling pretty crappy about your body. You’re stuck in a hole and think you feel ‘fine’. But why settle for fine, when you could feel amazing!

I know you think you can’t do it, that it’s too much effort and you’re too far gone to get fit again.

But there is hope.

The first session will be really, really hard. I just want you to know that. You will feel dizzy, sick and like you wana puke. It will not be fun.

You won’t feel good after. Your body will ache. You won’t be able to sit on a toilet seat or take the stairs, but you must keep moving. You body needs you to not go through that again.

Your second, third and fourth session are like the first. Hard. Miserable. But you’ll start to feel good afterwards. Those endorphins are starting to work. Your body is thanking you.

After a few weeks you’ll start to feel fitter, even stronger. You’ll start doing exercises that seemed impossible at first. The sessions aren’t getting easier but they’re not miserable any more. You are beginner to handle the sessions better, feeling good while your training.

You’re embracing the hard, because it’s the hard that make it great.

You feel on top of the world after a good workout, you’re glowing, beaming, loving the healthy new you whose flowing with naturally occurring feel good substances coursing through your veins.

You set new goals, want to reach new heights. Skills previously deemed impossible, now seem realistic and you know you are not only capable of reaching them, but determined to!

So please, formerly unfit self, I know the road may seem long, it may seem hard but climbing the mountain is always worth it and you will be a happier, better version of yourself than you ever imagined!

-A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step- - Lao Tzu

A journey begins with a single step, take that step today.

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About the Author

Elle has a passion for women's fitness and helping girls improve their self-image through fitness. Her vision is to create a CrossFit gym, which allows women to learn how to move, build their strength, learn to be healthy and gain respect for their bodies showing them how amazing they really are! Find out more