We love training in Summer! Here’s why:


Although many people can find summer a time where they dislike working out, I’d say the opposite is true and you can really enjoy training in summer! The sun is shining, it’s warm and people are buzzing!

Here are 5 reasons why summer is an awesome time to train:

1. Hot, sweaty sunny days

Many people really dislike the heat in summer and seeing as working out makes you even hotter, this is understandable. However, I say embrace the heat and the sweat!

There is nothing better than your heart pounding and waterfalls of sweat pouring off you! The after feel of working out hard and sweating so much is invigorating!

So embrace being covered in sweat and your heart pumping! Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and enjoy the fact that training in heat is hard. It’s the hard that makes it great!


2. Outdoor workouts

Training outdoors is awesome in summer! Although it’s good to keep training in the gym, getting outdoors and enjoying different outdoor activities is awesome!

Kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, swimming, sand running, trekking, water skiing and so many more awesome activities that you can do!

It’s worth staying fit through winter so you can get out there in summer and enjoy the outdoors!

3.Drink H2O and summer smoothies

There is nothing better than glugging down litres of cool water during a workout. Even better is being able to drink amazing summer smoothies and juices everyday!

The café juice and smoothie culture is one of the best parts of summer and working out makes the trip all the sweeter!

Summer ready


4.Shorts and crops

Well now that it’s super warm we get our short shorts out and parade around like we just don’t care! It’s nice to have the air and sun on our skin especially when training outside!

Vitamin D is very important for happiness you know! And what better way to show off your summer bod, you worked so hard for over winter, than a new pair of cute shorts and a summery crop?

Treat yo self!

5.Recovery beach swim

Now the water is warmer and days hotter we get to go swimming! There is nothing better than cooling off in the ocean after a hard workout to rejuvenate your muscles and make you feel amazing!

6. Long days, short nights

We all know how much it sucks in winter to get up early to workout and it’s dark. It’s super demotivating! Well enjoy early risers more because the sun is practically shining at 6am!!!

Similarly we all know how easy it is to just head home after work once it’s dark skipping the gym in winter. Well know its light till 9pm so enjoy the summer evenings and training while it’s light while you can!!!

Ahhh I love summer training!

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