We love CrossFit and we have some secrets to tell you!

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1. We love our muscle

We really do love our muscle. The best decision we have made is to start CrossFit and get strong. Despite being against numerous people who believed we shouldn’t CrossFit in case we ‘get too bulky’ we did and we are not ‘too bulky’ we have lean, fit, athletic figures which are feminine and we are totally proud of what our bodies have achieved. We are proud to lift heavy weight over our heads, to be able to perform gymnastics skills which look super cool and to be able to run, jump, swim and row fast!

As Socrates said “It is a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which her body is capable.”

2. We burn way more fat than you

Did you know the more muscle you have the more fat you burn? Well we do and we use this knowledge to become fat burning machines! We also can eat more calories because our bodies burn more calories from our weightlifting but also burn lots of calories from our added metabolic conditioning (type of training used in CrossFit)

3. We love to lift

We are talking about Olympic lifting here! These are a series of technical lifts, which are seen in the Olympics – they test areas of fitness such as strength, power, flexibility, speed, coordination, balance and accuracy.
We feel like weightlifting is the new yoga. It takes dedication, patience and feels amazing. You have to work hard to see improvement but it’s such a great feeling when your lift is perfect. You build new confidence and there is always something to improve on.
You are also very in the moment with weightlifting and have to be present otherwise the lift will fail. It is therefore a great stress reliever. Lifting something heavy then slamming it down on the floor! Hell yeah!

4. We appreciate all forms of fitness

We love weights but we also appreciate all forms of fitness – yoga, long distance running, hiking, swimming etc. We want to be as fit as we can in as many areas as we can be so if you love any fitness, we want to know and we want to hear about your experience and how it has shaped you life! We are always up for a challenge so if you know your sport is hard give us something to work for! Just expect the favour to be returned!

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5. We love our bodies

We really do love our bodies and want to do the best we can to make sure they are well maintained and looked after. That’s why we do CrossFit – because it ties nutrition, healthy movement and fitness all into one. We must eat good food for our bodies to function optimally and we must employ good movement and technique to get stronger and we must get fit to increase our capacity to live long and healthy lives. We feel good living this way, better than we ever have. We love and respect our bodies and want to make sure they stay in good shape for as long as possible!

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