Women in general are awesome!

We just kick butt in life. But did you know your health and fitness could benefit immensely from training in an all female environment?

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1) Women training with just women see better result in fitness and health

Studies have been conducted and proven than an all female environment creates the best results for women who are training compared to mixed training.
Women tend to train harder and see better results when training alongside their own gender. This is thought to be because women can find mixed environments intimidating and men aggressive in training but see themselves on the same level as other women training.
Interestingly men do better in a mixed environment than male on male because of increased testosterone levels.

2) The community is amazing

Training with women tends to create a pretty unique environment, one of inspiration and deep-rooted community. Everyone has a common goal and everyone can relate on numerous levels.
When placed in this community, women help uplift each other to be the best they can with encouragement and applause. It doesn’t matter what you are doing or what level you are at, we are here to support and motivate to be better.
Plus there can be some pretty funny conversations, which you’d never hear in a co-ed gym!

3) Training with systems designed by women for women

When you have a general population training together you will get general programming for everyone. When you have women training together, women programming what those women want you get specific training systems designed for your goals, which work for your body.

4) Self-confidence and body love

Training with women improves your self-confidence and body love! Women aren’t afraid to tell you how good you’re looking or how awesome you’re doing at training!
They tend to uplift you and make you feel good about your body and the confidence comes with it.

5) No intimidation or worrying about being embarrassed

Because there are no men in the class you don’t have to worry about feeling embarrassed when you train or get intimidated by the macho environment.

If you’ve ever been to the gym and felt self-conscious about training or like it’s a bit of a ‘boy club’ you should try women’s classes.

It’s no fun when you feel uncomfortable and not part of the crew training. You want to feel good and awesome and badass training! Don’t let those silly boys ruin it for you!

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Elle has a passion for women's fitness and helping girls improve their self-image through fitness. Her vision is to create a CrossFit gym, which allows women to learn how to move, build their strength, learn to be healthy and gain respect for their bodies showing them how amazing they really are! Find out more