Do you train at a Boutique Gym?

Boutique gyms are gaining popularity in the fitness world and it’s not hard to see why. They offer their clients awesome services, quality coaching and genuine long-term results.


How? These gyms are your CrossFit and yoga studios, your boxing and boot camps run by dedicated fitness professionals that want to see you succeed in your health and fitness goals.

They therefore provide a very good service to make sure you are satisfied and loving every second!

Unlike big gyms run by top management, these people have a passion for health and fitness urging you to succeed! Let’s look at the top 5 reasons you should pick boutique gyms!

1. Better quality coaching, service and environment

Don’t you hate walking into a gym and being greeted by a lack of friendly staff, no atmosphere, and no coaches to really help you out.

Boutique gyms usually have very knowledgeable coaches in their field. They have spent a lot of time refining their coaching skills. It’s usually a full time job and a passion to coach people, so they’re provide a really good service at getting you fit.

This also creates a unique environment and culture within these gyms, which you won’t find in a globo gym. There’s character and heart and all members are there for a common purpose. The vibe is infectious and you’re likely to keep coming back for the awesome environment and coaching!

2. Better, faster and long term results

Due to the awesome environment and coaching, you’ll keep coming back and stay consistent in your training. Consequently you’re more likely to see results faster and more likely to see you committed on a long term basis.

How many times have you walked into your gym and said this time, I’m sticking to my guns only to find months later you’ve lost your routine.

Think of all the times you go to the gym begrudgingly or not at all because you don’t enjoy it. Well, you’ll actually want to train if you’re at a boutique gym. Once you start seeing results you’ll continually want to better yourself and make sure you keep training.

What an amazing benefit. It’s as if the hard part of training is taken out and all you have to do is turn up and genuinely enjoy your fitness.

3. Support small business for a healthy economy

Supporting small businesses who really care and are experts in their field, instead of chain organisations who are more interested in the bottom line, is also good for a healthy Australian economy.

By supporting small business you can create thousands more jobs each year and keep our economy healthy!

-A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step- - Lao Tzu (1)

4. People that care about your health not just your money

Let’s be honest, some times it feels like big gyms are just pushing hard for the sale, without much benefit to you. Afterwards it can be really, really hard to get out of the contract as well.

Most small gyms are really reasonable and because they care about your health and not just your money will invest lots of time in helping you feel welcome, improve your fitness and enjoy your time at training.

5. Support communities and like minded people

Finally one of the best parts of belonging to a boutique gym is the community. You meet like-minded people who want you to succeed in your goals and are right by your side all the way.

It’s hard to find that type of camaraderie at a large globo gym. Time is spent in and out of the gym with your newfound friends and a common bond binds you in your fitness journey.

So if you’re looking for a better fitness experience that will change your life and the way you experience health, look no further than your small local boutique gym.

Find the one which suits your personality best and you’ll never look back!

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About the Author

Elle has a passion for women's fitness and helping girls improve their self-image through fitness. Her vision is to create a CrossFit gym, which allows women to learn how to move, build their strength, learn to be healthy and gain respect for their bodies showing them how amazing they really are! Find out more